A Hello! (And Apology)

Hello all!

Well, it hasn’t been recent since I’ve posted anything. Like, a long while. I haven’t looked back at old posts, but I’d make a guess that it has been well over a year. Three internet points to whoever can figure out how long it’s been. I just wanted to give a quick hello and update in my life since the last time I’ve posted. Or at least updating the last year or so.


Anyway, this year has been exciting in my personal life, as well as extremely busy. First and foremost, my wife and I brought a beautiful baby girl into the world. This is just the tip of the iceberg in the personal life, but this is all I’ll talk about for now. I mean, there isn’t much to say, but I am so happy to be a father of two happy and healthy children. Our son loves being a big brother, even if sometimes he doesn’t understand his own strength and is a little aggressive. The last year has been such an adventure in the fact that our second child isn’t anything like our first, as well as watching big brother evolve into an incredible little human. However, having two wonderful children, one of which has not been able to be self sufficient at all, has taken time away from very much gaming in general, let alone completing reviews.


Once we got settled and the little one was a little easier to handle though, I was able to start up a local game group. This has been a more recent adventure (started near the end of October). It has been incredibly rewarding as a gamer who has recently not had a real game group, or time to really play much of anything with the baby. Having started this up has had its share of challenges for me, as I’ve been forced to teach most games, almost exclusively on the lighter end of the spectrum in my eyes. It has been incredibly fun, but as much as we’ve played a lot of games in the last couple months, reviewing games hasn’t really been an option.

This sort of brings me to the point of this post. In the last year I have had review games come in, and many of those games have been left not reviewed. At the start of the year I was a little too optimistic about the free time I thought I would have to finish reviews. This is not the path I was expecting for my blog/reviews, but unfortunately this is where I’m at now. For anyone who has sent any packages or games my way, I am wholeheartedly sorry that I haven’t been able to get any sort of reviews together. The year hasn’t really gone as plan for the blog (which is evidenced in the fact that I haven’t written anything in a LONG time), and with emails coming in at a point that I had what appeared to be free time, I took on more than I could chew. Obviously time sensitive reviews are out the window at this point, but my goal for the next month or so is to write up as many of these reviews as I can. It won’t change the fact that I missed deadlines, but hopefully some of these reviews can generate some new interest. Again, I am truly sorry for this and hope I can get this blog going again and sorted out.


In the future, to avoid this sort of back log and let down, I will be taking some steps to better serve the site, and anyone who is looking for reviews. These are going to be guidelines for myself, and may change, but this is an overview of my mentality, just so you know where I am coming from if you reach out for a review.

  1. I need to be fully interested in the game, as well as I need to believe that the game group I play with will be interested in playing.
  2. I will no longer be accepting games to create Previews for, as they will create a timeline that I can not guarantee that I will be able to make.
  3. The bulk of reviews I write will be written in the early portion of the year (as this is the time of year that I have off of my job, and therefore a semblance of free time)


I think this is all I need to put in for now, but as I said, I am hopeful to get some reviews written up again and hopefully in a timelier fashion from now on, and reviews of some of my favourite games that I hadn’t had time to write about before will start popping up.

I hope you will join me in my renewed journey and always remember, I love you all!




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