What Did You Play This Month?

So, I am going to be trying something new on the website. Along the lines of Chris Cormier’s “What Did You Play Monday’s”, I would like to try out What Did You Play This Month? I love seeing all the games people play, and there are a ton of us that track our game plays. So whether it is just a screen shot, or if it a list of games you recall playing, I’d love to see your lists, and the conversations that unfold about all the great games played within the last month.


With that being said, here is my list of games for March!

  • Codenames x 10
  • Hostage Negotiator* x 7*
  • Jack the Ripper* x 6
  • Blood Rage x 6
  • Flip City* x 6
  • Coup x 5
  • Wits and Wagers (Party Edition) x 5
  • Patchwork x 5
  • Viticulture (Essential Edition) x 4
  • The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction x 3
  • Sushi Go! x 2
  • Mage Knight The Board Game* x 2
  • Terraforming Mars* x 2
  • Dominion x 2
  • Castle Panic x 2
  • Qwirkle x 1
  • Magic: Arena of the Planeswalkers x 1
  • Scythe* x 1
  • 7 Wonders x 1
  • Welcome to the Dungeon x 1
  • Dinosaur Island* x 1
  • Arcane Academy* x 1
  • Love Letter: Batman Edition
  • FUSE* x 1
  • Connect 4 x 1
  • Dragon Dash x 1
  • NHL Ice Breaker* x 1
  • Underleague* x 1
  • Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition* x 1
  • Star Wars: Rebellion* x 1
  • Lift It! x 1

*=First Time Plays This Month

I want to make special mention to Jonathan Gilmour and take a moment to thank him for giving me an opportunity to play Dinosaur Island while we were at Breakout Con in Toronto. It was certainly not the ideal time of day to start a game of that length, however, Jon was enthusiastic about showing the game off, and happy to teach. Thank you Jon for being as much of a stand up person in real life, as you are online. It’s easy for people to come off as a good person over the internet, but to be that person in real life is much harder. You are one of the good ones.



I’d like to say a quick thank you to Chris Cormier from Geeky Goodies for blessing this idea, as it to me is quite a blatant use of his idea. Without him saying that this is something I should do and try out, I wouldn’t be putting this post together.



Another huge thank you I would like to give out is to Leonard Koh for the wonderful feature photo. This photo and many more with this level of beauty can be found under his pseudonym Playtography on Twitter and Instagram. I highly suggest checking them out, because they are absolutely amazing.

I hope to hear from everyone about how their month in gaming went! I look forward to running this at the end/beginning of every month and hear all about the cardboard adventures everyone has been on, and as always I love you all!

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