First Impressions: Jurrass-attack!

Hey everybody, hope you have been enjoying my reviews coming out a little more consistently again (finally). This is one is a review that had inadvertently got swept under the rug due to life getting in the way. It really isn’t a good enough excuse as other people use reviews to promote their games, and I dropped the ball. So with my greatest apologies to Green Couch Games, I bring you my long awaited review of Jurrass-attack!

If You Love
In this section, I will highlight mechanics, and some thematic aspects that may sway your opinion to either read on, or skip into a review of another game you may find interesting.

  • 2- Player Games
  • Luck vs. Hand Management
  • Trick Taking
  • Card Games
  • “WAR” cardgame

How It’s Played

JurassAttack is a relatively straightforward game which is played in rounds until a player has no cards left. Each round is played in three phases. First, players will choose cards from their hands to try to win (or strategically lose) battles which take place in the next phase. Players choose their cards and put them face down in front of them until each player is ready to commence the next phase. It should be noted that if you play more than one card per turn, they must be compatible. Once both players are ready, they flip their cards over and effects are applied (if any) followed by counting ferocity of each card. Once the ferocity is counted, the player who has the most wins the round, and all the cards from that round. The cards they play are put into a discard pile and cards their opponent played into a score pile. They also put eggs into their score pile if they win back their own eggs. The game continues until one player has no cards left to play from their hand or card deck. From there, players will add up their sore piles, and whoever has the most points is declared the winner.


The Pretty Little Bow

JurassAttack has a great dinosaur theme, and the art reflects the theme very well. The colours used fit the feel the game is trying to convey. The quality of the card and box is exactly what is to be expected in a game. Good quality and should stand up to a ton of plays over the years. The decision to use bigger cards was a great decision, as not only do they fit the box size nicely, but it also gives some extra space for text and art on the cards. The fold up rule page may not hold up for quite as long as the cards, but that is to be expected for fold up rules in my opinion.

What’d You Love? 

I thought the game was an amazing variant on a classic playing card game. Rather than using dumb luck that in the end is decided upon the shuffle at the start of the game, you get two identical decks. This way the playing field is leveled out almost completely. On top of that, you also get to choose cards to play, knowing which cards your opponent has already played. It makes for a good way to lower the amount of luck and makes it more of a skilled and thought about process and approach to each round and game you play. On top of that, the length of the game is perfect for a nice light game, in which you don’t have necessary time to play a bigger or lengthier game, or if you want a game to reset your brain in between bigger games during game night.


What’s Not To Love? 

I would have to say that my least favourite part of JurrassAttack is the way in which it ends. I feel that the game could reset the discard pile and you keep going until all of one players cards are scored, to determine a distinct winner. Maybe that wouldn’t be the best way to solve the issue, but I still feel that the game ends quite abruptly. It does however usually entice my opponent and I to play a best three of five game, so it’s probably a good thing it ends in such a fashion. I think it really says something about a game when my least favourite part of it, is what makes me want to play it again. It’s just the quick end makes it almost feel unfair and you want to play again to try to even up the score against your opponent and make them feel that it ends unfairly.


What’d You Think?

Overall, JurrassAttack is a great “filler” sized game. It will never really be the meat and potatoes of game night in most instances, but it would be a really nice wine to enjoy with dinner. It is the perfect game to be there to reset your mind from a heavy worker placement before going into the epic space exploration game you and your friend have been dying to get to the table. It is also the perfect size to toss in a purse, or backpack, or pocket of a coat, and bring to a coffee date or any numerous places you may go and find yourself waiting for something with a friend. This is a game that gets off of the game shelf whenever it is a two player evening (which is nearly every time). It may not get played every single time, as games sometimes run long and we pack it in, but almost every single time we take a break to eat a snack, we pull this out and make our way through rounds.

That just about does it for this review. I really hope you enjoyed it, and if you are looking for a quick game that is very easy to pull out in many situations, I think this could be the game for you! I hope you are all well and remember, I love you all!

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