First Impressions: Creature Craze

Good evening everyone!  Hope everyone has had a great week, and everyone is looking forward to a new review. I would just like to note that this will be a review without pictures today, because I have been playing on a prototype set of cards, and as well, I have been informed that the art on the cards will be changing as well. I know this usually doesn’t matter, and still won’t matter for this game, but I feel I can’t get a good shot for the review that I want to post. Maybe next time, but not this week. Sorry folks. Anyway, onto the review!

How It’s Played

Creature Craze is a simple draw and discard style game. Players are dealt 7 cards, and the rest of the deck is placed face down where all players can reach the deck. The players whose turn it is will draw a card, followed by playing a card, and then finally will discard one card into a discard pile beside the draw pile. The card that the players play will be placed in front of them. On each card is a body part of different creatures. As well, there are accessories and abilities that may be on cards as well. The goal of the game is to create monsters that are worth more than your opponents. The rounds end when a player discards their last card. There is then scores on each card that will be in your played cards pile to count up to find the winner.


The Pretty Little Bow

This will be a quick section as I have not been given a finished copy of Creature Craze. I can’t even comment on the art as I have been informed that it will be changed for the final version. This is a very rare occurrence for me, as I usually have at least art to talk about, but alas, here we are. What I will mention here though is something that I don’t really have another section for. The goal of this game in its final version will be available in braille as well. It will convert to braille easily, as well as have a set of braille instructions. This is a unique aspect of a game (especially a card game) and a brilliant idea to be inclusive for all.


What’s Not to Love?

The biggest issue I had with this game is the simplicity of it. It is hard for me however to knock that fact too much, as it is being made as a game that has availability to the blind. I feel that a game of such a nature and is testing new grounds for availability, should be started with a more basic game. Other than that, I have no qualms with this game at the point in time that I have gone through it.


What’d You Think?

Overall I think that Creature Craze is a fairly basic game for my personal taste. I think however that this game is at a perfect difficulty to introduce games with accessibility to blindness. While there is not much that I know of in the field of games that are available with braille, I think that this game is the perfect starting point for that. As game play itself is simple, I will also likely keep it around to play with my three year old son to introduce him to draw and discard style games. He has fun playing all sorts of games with his dad, and I think this is the perfect introductory level for him. If you have any friends or family who deal with blindness I think this is going to be a great game to play.


I would like to take a brief moment just to inform you that I have been told that there may be some changes to the game, that will change the “how it’s played” section. I think this pretty well covers everything for Creature Craze, and hope that this game gets some wheels turning for others to develop some accessible games in the future, and make the community more inclusive for everyone. I feel like this is a great game and first step towards that, and really hope that it takes off from here. I look forward to seeing what comes next in this area. I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember I love you all!

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