First Impressions: Succession

Hello Bored? Games & Co! faithful. Glad you could make it to the site another week and see what’s going on. What is going on do you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. Another First Impressions review! This week, I’ll be looking at Succession by Castle Productions. This is a game that works with up to six players. As a quick note, I’d just like to inform you that the copy I have received is a review copy, and the edition that I have reviewed may be slightly different that the final product. With that out of the way, let’s jump in!

How It’s Played

This is a game that has a fairly simple set collection aspect. You are given a hand of 9 cards, with Royals, Guards, and Scoundrels on them, placed in one of three regions (Mountains, Forest, or City). You will pick two characters in two different regions, to try to battle against the other houses (players) for their votes, and at the end of each round, the winners of each location will gain those cards for votes. There are two aspects to the cards, the locations and the characters. The locations distinguish where your character will be during the round. The characters in each location will use their abilities to capture, or protect other cards in the location. Guards will capture Scoundrels, Scoundrels capture Royals. One guard can capture multiple Scoundrels, and if there are multiple of each, they are divided evenly with excess put in discard. Once all cards are played, whoever has accumulated the most points in the round, wins the round. When you win a round, you are awarded a token. The first player to gain three tokens is the winner.


The Pretty Little Bow

As a reviewer, I generally play games that have not received their final quality. While this is included in that list of unfinished games, it is one of the higher quality set of cards I have been sent. I have been told the final game may have an even higher quality card. I would not be sad to have this quality in the final game. The quality is there for me, anything more is over the top and wonderful. I also find the art on the set of cards in Succession to be quite nice. It has an almost Disney feel to it. I am a sucker for the classic Disney movies, and this has that sort of feel to it. To finish the cards, each house has its own crest on the back of the cards. Each and every one of them appear to be well thought out and is a very nice touch to give some pizzazz to the back of the cards. Overall, a well put together game visually, and quality wise, and this may not be the end of it. I look forward to seeing final product.

What’s Not to Love? 

The only two issues I had with Succession were issues with a couple of small things in the rule book. The first one was the lack of a turn order. I like to be able to look at the actions I take in a turn, or round and get a reference of turn order while in game as a refresher. Just a brief note to keep the game going quickly. The other problem I had with the rules was that there was no rules explanation printed about what happens when only like characters are in a location. It didn’t take long to talk to the developer of the game and figure out the answer, but I found the lack of that piece of information to be problematic. Especially since the rest of the rule book is so well put together and gives great detail on playing the game. Just seemed like that was a big thing to miss putting in. Having said this, both issues may stem back to this being an unfinished product and there is still work to be done on some aspects.

What’d You Think? 

I thought this was a great little game. The fact that extra houses have been added to play up to six players is great. It was quite luck driven to start, as you know your opponents hands and how many options they have, it is hard to compete against them, but if you can remember when they play which cards, it can get quite competitive. Even if you don’t keep track of others cards, there is a natural tension when it comes to nearing the end of rounds and wondering if you will score more points and win the round. I played Succession a few times at different player counts and enjoyed each play fairly equally. I would say with the games that I played, I had the most fun with four players, as there are more houses in play. Two players was okay, but if your locations didn’t match, there was no one else who you could have matched locations with which meant you are basically getting a free card for scoring. It was however a neat way to try and make a strategy out of avoiding locations with opponents. There will always be at least one location with two characters, but still fun to try to give yourself free votes. I will be continuing to play this with many players and really look forward to see if this game can shine at six players as well as it did at four players for me. I hope you’ve enjoyed my impression of Succession and look for it on Kickstarter in April! When the project goes up I will also add in a link for you all as well. Hope you have a great week, and I’ll see you again next week! Love you all!

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