First Impressions: Make Me A God

Hey there everyone! Hope you have all had an incredible week, and everyone is well. This week, I am taking a look at a new game from Buxx Studios, called Make Me A God. Let’s jump in shall we?

Look at this game! What a Beaut!

How It’s Played

Make Me A God is a game that has fairly simple mechanics to it. You will draw a card and place it into one of six temples that are the source of the powers of the gods. With a roll of the dice, you will determine which temple will receive powers for that turn. You may then adjust your player cards on the board (up to three at any time per player), and afterwards you may battle your opponents if you are in the same temple. When you are battling, you may use the powers you have gained from other temples to battle your enemies. Whichever powers you possess, you may use them to defeat your enemy. Each power has a numerical value, so when you battle, those are the only numbers you are able to roll for a successful defeat. Whoever has a character which has gained powers from each temple, has successfully become a god, and wins the game.


The Pretty Little Bow

This game is beautifully put together. The finished product in Make Me A God is comparable to the finished product you would expect of large game companies. The temples are made of thick cardboard pieces that feel they will stand up on repeated game plays. The cards are much of the same high quality as well. The art on the cards is very well done and gorgeous. The box itself has characters that can be found on various cards. For my personal taste, I think there is a little too much going on. Although all the art on it is wonderful, it just seems a little too crowded, and I feel that a simpler box would have sufficed.

Components, and some monster feet 

The Way You Play

In Make Me A God, there is a bit of a balance between growing your characters, and developing their powers, as well as using some fairly strong characters in order to attack your opponents. With the dice rolling, you need to be willing to lose your character no matter what, because a bad roll for you mixed with a good roll for an opponent can spell disaster for your character who is one power away from becoming a god. On the surface it appears to be a very simple game, but you put an amount of thought into the game you don’t realize you’re putting in. There is thought about whether you should avoid opponents by staying away from temples they are in, or attack an opponent who is becoming too powerful, or just go all out and try and focus on your own characters and push to get all six powers as quickly as possible.


What’s Not To Love? 

For me, the biggest issue in the game was the way the characters were set up. The types of characters varied from Heroes, to Monsters, to Demi-gods and Enchanted Beings. All of these character types have various starting powers, from basic melee attacks, to immunity to a type of power, or they start with a power. I felt that once you draw your character, and get those starting powers, they were sort of looked over. It didn’t matter if your character was a Hero, or a Demi-God from then on. I felt as though there should have been an attack advantage or something added in that made having higher power cards an advantage. The other issue I had was the fact that if you were in battle with characters with only one or two powers, it could be a long battle of rolling before someone finally was beaten in battle. I think that if there was a viable option to battle for 3-5 rounds and then, the higher level character wins no matter what (Hero is weakest, then Monster, then Enchanted Being, and finally Demi-God), this would give more in game meaning to the character types, as well shortens up the amount of time spent rolling attacks that can drag on a bit.

Gorgeous Art, just a bit too busy

What’d You Think? 

This game has been a blast to play for my game group. The learning curve is extremely easy and that aspect makes it that much more easy to grab to play with younger players, as well as players who are not typically spending time playing board games. It is very social and gives you a ton of opportunity to bring down an opponent quickly, and evening up a game that you thought was out of hand. With these aspects in mind, and knowing the people I play with from day to day, or week to week, I know that Make Me A God will have a spot on my game shelf for a long time to come. If this is what we can expect from Buxx Studios in the future, I would be keeping a close eye on what they put out in the future.


Hope you all have a wonderful week, and don’t forget, I love you all!

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