This is the end of interviews

Hey guys, I mentioned in my last post that I would be putting out a second post this week. Well, here it is. As of now, I will no longer be offering interviews. At least for a while. I have loved running interviews with some great designers and publishers, and everyone else. I am getting to a point in this blog however, that I feel I need to “pick a specialty” as some would say. I have done strategy posts, reviews, interviews, etc. and I have loved doing them all. So why change a good thing? Well, I’ll tell you.




While doing so many different types of posts, I am beginning to find that because I am only able to one post per week generally, there is too much down time between the types of posts. For example, when I started this blog, there could have been weeks between two reviews. I don’t have the capacity to do both interviews and reviews and everything else that I’d like to do currently, so something had to go. I feel that I am at a place where the blog is doing well (way better than I ever expected in three years, let alone eight months) and I want to start focusing resources. This means unfortunately something had to go. It took me a while to decide which it would be, because I love sending emails back and forth to developers and hearing about their unique hurdles in the development process.


Though all the love I have for interviews, I’ve decided to hold off on them for the foreseeable future anyway. I have found that when I hear feedback about my posts, and that someone has decided to back something on Kickstarter, or consider buying after reading a post, it is almost exclusively because of reviews rather than interviews. When I first started running them, I thought it was giving developers a chance to give their experience of putting their game together. It certainly did this, as well as giving them a chance to sell the game in their own words. While it is appreciated I’m sure, I find that people are more responsive of hearing about positives and negatives of a game from a person who is not involved in the development of the game. Why is this? I couldn’t begin to understand people enough to give a good explanation for that. I think the best answer I could give is that people would rather hear an unbiased opinion.



Anyway, I think that is all I have to say about the subject. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has taken part in interviews in the last eight months. I have had so much fun conducting these interviews, and truly hope that everyone involved has enjoyed sharing as much as I have enjoyed putting interviews together. One day, when I can commit more time to this blog, I hope to start running these again.


So, going forward what should you expect? Well, first and foremost, you can expect more reviews. Up until this point, the only reviews I have conducted are First Impressions. I hope to start adding in another phase of review soon. I’m not sure what the will be called yet however. Maybe they will be “Final Impressions”? However, they are never final. Hmm. Well, either way, I will be going back through games, and doing updated reviews. Do I still like it? Is it still getting to the table? That sort of thing. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Anyway, as well as reviews, I also hope to put up a general gaming blog when time allows. I hope to do a game story about once per month, and three reviews. I think this will give more balance, and let me focus on the reviews that I want to run. I hope everyone is understanding with this, and I hope you enjoy the blog from here on out! I will talk to you again Monday, and remember, I love you all!

2 thoughts on “This is the end of interviews”

  1. Thanks for the hard work of putting the interviews together. It’s always enjoyable to get perspective from other people in the hobby/industry. Looking forward to seeing the new focus and reading some of your reviews! 🙂

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