First Impressions: Avignon by John du Bois

Hey everyone! It’s a new week and as well, this is my first First Impressions review of 2016. The first game of the year, will be Avignon by John du Bois. I’m going to keep the introduction short today and just dive on in. Hope you enjoy it!


How it’s Played

There are 5 location cards set up one side of your playing area with a draw deck and dicard deck behind them. From there, 5 characters are placed in line with the third location card, in between the two players. The players will take turns using push/pull movements as well as using card abilities. From there, one card is discarded, and replaced with a new card from the deck in the place it was discarded from. The first player to pull three characters over to their side will be the victor.


The Pretty Little Bow

The version I received of this game, was a print and play copy. The final copy will be part of Button Shy’s line of wallet games. What I was able to see however, was very nice. On the assumption that the art on the print and play copy is the final art, I think that it is very well done. Each character has their own separate colours, as well as being easily distinguishable with the art on their respected cards.The art is very well put together.


The Way You Play

This is a very back and forth game, and is quick and fun. The decisions to leave some characters closer to your opponent without pulling them back towards you to bring someone into your congregation brings a ton of thinking and planning ahead into this game. With character abilities, you also really need to consider which cards you leave where, as well as which characters are in your congregation. For example, a Noble and Peasant in your congregation will reward your opponent with a win. It keeps you thinking and considering moves all game, keeping the game interesting and tough to judge who is going to win.


What’s Not to Love?

With the game play that I have experienced so far, I haven’t had any reason not to love this game. Everything works together very well and seems to be quite balanced. I had one unexpected issue with the rules sheet that I was given however. This is something that I didn’t realize I missed having in a rule book until I realized it wasn’t there.  There was no “object of the game” section at the start of the rules. Reading through the rules, I read the theme of the game was to gain influence in your congregation, however, was 2/3 of the way through the rules before being informed the congregation was at the end of the map on your side on the table. The end game section informed that you needed to collect three character card in your congregation, but that was all. I would have put an objective section in, as well as adding in a space on the image showing where the congregation space is. These are minor details for me, as the rules are fairly short and straight forward, but it was something that I noticed. I was also not a huge fan of the theme, however, the game play more than made up for a small aspect that I don’t think affected the game too much. I think the theme would be more intriguing to me with a military battle, and pushing to your opponents side, but that’s just me.


What’d You Think?

This is a great game for Button Shy’s Wallet Game Series. I had a lot of fun playing this game, as a quick two player battle game. While I was playing I was really taken back to my days of playing chess in public school. Thinking two to three moves ahead, yet still having no control over what my opponent was doing, and which cards would be discarded in each round made me feel like I was playing an almost card version of chess. No, there is no board, however the back and forth with your opponent is second to none.  It is a great game that you could easily lose track of time playing. I have had repeated fun sessions playing Avignon, and I expect to for many nights to come. This will likely be a quick hit to anyone who enjoys a quick head to head game that requires some foresight and thinking on the go. Wonderfully well put together game.

EDIT:This game is currently on Kickstarter, with 4 days remaining. Link to project:

Hope you’ve enjoyed the first review of 2016, and I look forward to the rest of the year and bringing you many more reviews this year! Remember, I love you all!

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