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Hey everyone, I know it’s Wednesday, and I usually post Monday or Tuesday, but better late than never right? This week, I am having a chat with a friend I have made online (via Twitter) all about board games. Basic things about how she got into the hobby, to RPG’s. So with that, lets get on with the show!

So, for a little background on Eden, and how she is involved in the community. And of course, let’s hear from Eden herself to tell you about herself.

Eden: My name is Eden and I am involved somewhat in the community. I have a BGG account and regularly tweet with pictures of the games I play. I got interested in board games by playing Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords that we heard about through a friend of ours was a really good game, so we bought it and have been playing for over a year! My favorites games are Euros, co ops and deckbuilding. I am branching out on games though so I have found that engine building games are fun, too!

Page: So RotR is what got you in
to board gaming? That seems like a pretty deep and intense game to be introduced to gaming! Did you have any sort of background with RPGs beforehand? Or was that your first taste ever?

Eden: My first taste of deep RPG’s was when I was younger and my dad would play D&D with us with him being the DM. I was 8 at the time. We played for years and quit playing when I got into middle school. My next was RotRL years and years and years later. I really like the kind of games where you can gradually level up your character, add more weapons and such and just get your character stronger.

Page: 8 is pretty young to be playing an RPG isn’t it? I suppose you went through some fairly simplified scenarios and age appropriate quests and such? Do you have fond memories of these evenings with the family, and lead you to board gaming later on in life?

Eden: Yes, that was pretty young and yes it was age appropriate. I do have fond memories of gaming with my family. We would do it fairly often (every other week) and play things like Sorry, Cribbage, Stratego and a few other that I remember but can’t remember the names. I think one was like Dungeon Quest, but that wasn’t the name. My dad was in the Army and my mom worked evenings in the emergency room at the base hospital. So they would take turns playing on the nights they weren’t working.

Page: That’s great having fond gam
ing memories! Do you play RPGs still? How have they differed from when you were young to now if you still get to play?

Eden:I don’t play RPG’s anymore, sadly. I would like to but haven’t found any that look interesting.

Page: Oh no! Well that leads to many questions! What do you look for in an RPG? What do you find is lacking in RPGs for yourself? Is it thematic or something else? Do you think you’d be interested in introducing your son into RPGs and volunteer yourself to GM if the right one came around?

Eden: I like strong story lines. (The leveling up and dice rolling in some don’t hurt either). If the story can keep my interest that’s definitely a plus for me. I really can’t say what’s lacking because I haven’t played one in a long time.
I would like to introduce him to one, however I have NO experience being a GM so it might be difficult. (If you can suggest an easy place to start that would be cool!) In all honesty I prefer to be playing then the one “running” the game. But he likes Epic games and I think it would be fun.

Page: To be completely honest, I am just getting into RPG’s a bit, so I really have no idea where to start unfortunately. But with any luck, some readers may have some suggestions for you! (This is your cue to comment and let us know a good starting point!) Anyway, since this is a “voice of the community” post, maybe we should talk about your thoughts on the community a bit. So, how have you enjoyed being a part of the board game community?

Eden: I find in the community there are such nice people that support you and are not quick to judge. I love the sense of community that I feel talking about our love of games, our wins, our losses and the fact that there are so many games to be played that there is something for everyone! As a stay at home mom I don’t get out much and playing games and meeting people online has really made me feel loved and welcome. I would not have met so many great people otherwise!

Page: It truly can be an incredible community. There are too many examples of how people are included and welcomed with open arms. Now, I suppose this is coming to the end of our chat. Are there any questions you have for myself?

Eden: I would actually like to know what kind of games YOU like and why. Favorite company/type?

Page: Wow. That is a great question. Tough one for me to answer. I love so many types of games. I’ve been on a real Deck-Building Game kick lately, so I would have to go with that for right now I think. I’ve been falling in love with Dominion all over again, as well as giving Marvel Legendary another try. Although I don’t enjoy it too much playing solo, I’m really appreciating the theme and the way the game plays. So, with that said, I think my favorite type of game right now is Deck-Building. I’m honestly not quite sure what my favorite company is. I enjoy so many games from so many companies, that I really can’t pick a single favorite.

Anyway, I hope that you’ve had fun reading about a friendly gamers history in RPG gaming! Next time
I write up the voice of the community, I will have another guest to talk about an entirely different aspect and view of the community. I hope you are enjoying these as much as I am writing them! Have a great week, and always remember, I love you all!

One thought on “The Voice of the Community – Eden”

  1. Hey, nice interview. I wanted to tip Eden off (so maybe you could pass this on to her) to a game called “Roll Player.”

    That’s what’s left of the Kickstarter page; the game funded but it looks like they’re taking pre-orders now. It’s not an RPG; rather it’s a dice game, but it is based on the process of building an RPG-style character, and it seems like it might be up her alley. It’s actually a pretty clever idea, I think, so spread the word. Thanks!


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