Are you solo gaming, or are you just playing with yourself?

Well, nice to see you guys again! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I have had an incredibly busy few weeks, and real life and real work got right in the middle of my writing and game playing. To be completely honest, I don’t feel a need to get into it as an outlet right now, but maybe sometime I can give you guys a run down of a typical day in the life of Page. This week, instead, I will get right into my topic of choice for the week, and save that story for another day.


So, what am I going to talk about this week? Well, I realized that when there was a spare moment in my day (approximately 2:00 am Saturday nights after hockey), I was playing games…..err… game, by myself. I’m really on a Pathfinder ACG Skulls & Shackles kick lately. I’m playing alone as Lem. It’s pretty great so far. Anyway, not the point of the story. Maybe I’ll post some coverage one day. Who knows. I haven’t really gotten into any other solo games because of the kick I’m on, but I did however, see a thread on Facebook that lead to me to want to write about this.


The main theme about the thread, was solo gaming. I don’t recall the exact thread and who was involved in it, however, the main point was “what games do you enjoy playing solo?” A lot of great games came up, most of which you can expect. Sylvion, Onirim, Friday, Hostage Negotiator. The list goes on and on. Now that seems like a fairly good list of games to play solo, however, a lot of games that game up that sort of got me thinking about things. There was games such as Pandemic, Forbidden Island/Desert, and games of the co-op nature. I started wondering about how one player could possibly clean up the entire world of all infections. So I inquired about how difficult travelling the world and ridding it of all its infections alone. The answer I got almost threw me off guard. The consensus was that when people were playing co-op games alone, they were using more than one character.


That got me to thinking about what makes a solo game, or a solo variant, or even, what means you’re just playing alone. That is basically what I’d like to differentiate today. Why does this matter? It probably doesn’t in reality, but it is something I decided to talk about. And really, I just loved the name of this post.


So, what makes a solo game? To me, a solo game is a game that has been designed to play with one player. Something like, Hostage Negotiator or Friday, is something I would consider a solo game.


These games that are designed for one player, are awesome games. The intention of this post isn’t to put down any sort of game that you play alone. Any way that you play any game is awesome in my opinion. It means that you are playing games. As I said, this is just to give a bit of a difference between how you are playing. Back to the story. How about solo variants now? These are games that have specified in the rules, that there is a way to play alone. I suppose you could also add in fan rules to make solo variants to games that don’t otherwise have them. The first game that comes to mind for me that has a solo variant would be Marvels Legendary. I have put up a post on my opinion of that specific solo variant if you’d like to check it out, but that’s not part of tonight’s post. Back to the story.




So, I’ve gone over what a solo game is, and what would be a solo variant, now, when are you just playing with yourself? I would consider playing with yourself to be anything else that doesn’t cover the solo games and solo variants, along with playing alone. Whether it be playing alone in a co-op with multiple characters, or playing against yourself because you’re forever alone, or even just trying out a new game to teach your friends. These are all ways that you are playing alone.


Did that pretty much cover it all? I know to many, this post is useless, but there are (hopefully) many (a few) people who will read this and give it a try to start distinguishing between solo games, solo variants, and playing with yourself. I hope you have all enjoyed this weeks post, and are already looking forward to next weeks post. It will be there I promise. Okay, I can’t promise, but I will do my absolute best to make sure I have time every Monday (or Tuesday) from here on out to get a post posted. See you next week, and remember I love you all.


3 thoughts on “Are you solo gaming, or are you just playing with yourself?”

  1. It’s essentially a semantic argument, after a point, but I appreciate the musing. As for myself, I have frequently enjoyed playing with myself—er, I mean playing solo– no, that doesn’t work, either.. I mean, uh, …just shut up!

    In completely unrelated news, your remark above about “one person cleaning up the entire world of infection” reminded me of a book by Chuck Palahniuk: “Lullaby.” Have you read it, or anything by him? He’s a very stylistic author, and not always my cup of tea, but “Lullaby” comes to mind, because it is about a man’s attempt to rid the entire world of every single copy of a certain mass-produced book,

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