So many hours in a day.

It is a new week once again. We’ve all made it, and for that I am grateful. This week I have a lot going on, and decided I would be writing about that a bit. You may have noticed that this isn’t usually the time that I post during the week. Or maybe you didn’t, it’s okay. I try to post Monday night if you were curious. I missed that deadline this week. I have a couple times previously, but this week I sort of wanted to do some venting about it. So I hope you enjoy, and can relate in some way or another, and realize it isn’t just you. Or maybe I’ll find out that it’s just me. Who knows.

I work as an arborist. This is a job that I have not regretted for one second. I look forward to going into work every day and having fun looking up at trees, climbing trees, and just helping people appreciate their trees all over again once they are pruned, or love their backyards again once a tree in poor health is removed or made safe. I wouldn’t ask for another job in the world. But sometimes in the industry, there are patches where it seems like there is more of a connection between coworkers than there is between your actual family. For the last two to three weeks, I’ve been at work quite literally as much as, or more than I have been home. From being up and out of the house at 5:30 and starting at 6:00 am, to the end of the day, getting home anytime between 6:00 and 8:30 pm wears you out. Even the last two weekends, I’ve given my Saturdays to my job and worked for extra hours. This is awesome for me in the “making money” part of my mind, however, it takes its tolls in other areas.


See if you can find me!

I just get home and want my bed most nights. 110-120 hours on a pay will do that. With this sort of work load, I have been recently forced into a bit of a break on the board game front. During the week, I am busy from the time I wake up, until the time I go to bed. From a 12 hour shift (I’ll keep it at 12 since that’s about average) to getting home and trying to give a helping hand at home, spending time with my three year old son, showering ( it’s amazing how much of a chore that becomes after being on your feet for so long, you just want to sit and get comfortable), get some face time in with the miss, and the list goes on and on (and on and on, don’t stop believin’!). With all of this during the week, there just literally isn’t time for getting games to the table currently. It’s a bit of a tough patch because I love playing games a ton, but there just isn’t enough hours in the day.

Even getting a bit of time to sit down and write this tonight has proven tough. But I do it for my love of games and I have actually grown fond of writing. Now, I’m aware that this post isn’t getting too much into games, but I feel is game related and something that I think many people can relate to. Lives start happening and you realize the things you want to do start turning into just that. Things you want to do.

This week, I had a number of other posts I could have put up, but unfortunately, I am still a bit tight for time and honestly,completely worn out. I just didn’t have the time or energy to put together one of my other posts, and even this post is shorter than usual. I have committed to one post per week (minimum), and I felt that this was a good topic to discuss tonight. I would love to hear some feedback from everyone about what keeps them away from the table as well. There is more than likely a lot of people who run into similar life events that prevent games.

For my upcoming weeks, I have a lot lurking in the shadows, waiting to pop up and get onto your screens. I am excited about all of it to be honest, and feel that as long as I get the free time to write, they will be excellent posts and something everyone can enjoy! I can’t wait to pop in again and have some time for the Twitter, and social stuff, but until, always remember I love you all! 


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