Here’s our community! Part One (K-n-A Game Reviews)

This week, I will be trying out something new. I have had a ton of fun doing interviews with game creators, and thought, why am I only doing interviews with creators? Of course, it is a lot easier to start the interview when there is an obvious “thing” to talk about, such as a new game. But, if people want to talk with me about other things, why should I say no, just because they don’t have a game they’ve developed? So with that thought, I sent out a call on social media, asking people to talk with me. The response was amazing. It seems like everyone wants to talk games! While I have a lot of aspects in my blog, this is one that I would love to take off and become a regular thing. So, while this is the first post, I hope that there will be many more over time. Also, I’m thinking of a new name for it. My first thought is “Community Voice”. If you have any creative name you’re willing to share, let me know!

Anyway, here is the first post of hopefully many!

In this post, I had a quick chat with a brother/sister review team called K-n-A Game Reviews. It’s always neat to hear about how people get into games and though it’s a short talk, it’s very nice to see people getting into the community at a young age. Anyways, enough of me talking, let’s get to this!

Hey guys, can you tell me a little bit about yourselves?
We are a brother and sister team ages 8 and 10 who are huge tabletop gaming enthusiasts!  We recently created our YouTube channel & Website to give our reviews of games.  If we don’t like it, we will say it!  Although right now we are only reviewing games we like just to get established.
That’s a great way to start out (I think!). Although, it’s all about having fun right? What got you interested in board games?
Our parents home school us and so we get a lot of quality time and they use tabletop games in our school lessons.  It makes everything a whole lot of fun!  One day we hope to make our own game that’ll be as big as the classics like Monopoly or Scrabble.
I wish you the best of luck making a game that can be as classic as Monopoly! It would be wonderful to have a family game that is every home that isn’t Monopoly. What sort of games are your favourite?
We really enjoy playing the classics.  “A” loves Monopoly, PayDay, and Life because he’s Mr. Cash-a-lot.  He likes games that involve money even though he can’t be the banker…  anyways my “K” favorite game is Chess.  I find that I rule at strategy games. 
Chess was one of the first games I played growing up as well. It’s a game that really gets your mind thinking steps ahead. How have you enjoyed the board gaming community?
The board game community has been very welcoming to us and they have given us a lot of info on other games we should review.  The board game companies themselves have also been very supportive of our endeavor.
I found the community to be similar for me as well. There is room for everyone and no one is really outcast. Do you have any complaints about anything you’ve experienced while doing your blog?
I guess we expected quick results but they’ve been slow and steady which we’re told is good.  Our parents help a little but it’s mostly up to us on what we review and how we put it together.  Because our blog is mostly YouTube reviews we had to and still are getting used to being on camera.  We’re far from shy but when the camera is on it’s a lot of pressure 🙂
Don’t worry about fast results! If you’re putting the work into your blog, the results will start to show! I actually had the exact same piece of advice given to me from a friend today and you realize how true it is. Keep it up and it will come together for you! Anyway, how often do you get to play board games?
We play games everyday, if not for school then just because it’s our time together.  At least one game must be played or the night isn’t finished.
Lucky you! If I play once a week I’m ecstatic! Well, thanks for your time, it’s been wonderful chatting with you! I hope we can do it again sometime as well! Before we say farewell, where can someone go who wants to read some of your reviews, or get in touch with you online?
Our website it and it has links to our YouTube Channel, Twitter, and Instagram.  Oh and our email too!
Awesome! Thanks again!
And with that, another week is in the books. I will see you next week, and remember, I love you all!
NOTE: I would just like to add, that you may have noticed a lack of names being mentioned. This is due to their young age and their parents request of them not giving their names out. So they refer to themselves only as “A” and “K”.

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