Top 5 Party Games

Hey guys, I’ve got a new list for you again. This time, because of the frequency that they are played at my house, I will be talking about my favourite Party Games. For the record, I’m considering a Party Game, a game that plays more than 5 people. I have small parties these days. Don’t judge me. So, here we go.11-birthday-party

5. The Game of Things.

This is a game that I’ve played numerous times, and every time we play, there are always laughs to be had. You can’t knock a game for handing out big laughs. The best part of this game is that there is no reference on cards for you. You have the ability to make your own answers. You can judge the company you are with and play accordingly. You can be clean enough in this game to play with your family, and while you’re playing with your close friends, you can be as filthy as you’d like. That’s why I like this game. download (1)

4. Saboteur

This is a great game that makes a bunch of people work as a team to a certain goal. Except the jerks that decide that we shouldn’t win the gold. Playing along to set your path to the gold, and having it sabotaged is a ton of fun. Trying to convince people that you aren’t a saboteur can sometimes be as hard as getting a card you’re willing to play. Everyone expects good things, but if your turn is a discard, how many times will you get away with it before you’re suspected of being a Saboteur?81ceilCv5qL._SL1500_

3. Flick ‘Em Up

Okay, maybe I’m stretching to call this a party game, but when I have played it with a bigger group, it’s played amazing. How can you not have fun when you’re playing a game with a group of friends and still have a free hand to hold a drink? To keep that much ongoing fun with such a good sized group(if everyone is playing one character, that’s 10 players) I feel it had to be one of my favourite party games. Also, it isn’t a big time thinking game. There isn’t really too much commitment to the game and if you want to watch a hockey game and socialize between your turns, you won’t be missing essential points in the game. You only look at what’s in front of you when it’s your turn really anyway! So, yeah. Flick ‘Em Up. 


2. The Resistance

This is a game that in my opinion, has endless replay value. You never know who is going to be a secret agent, and pointing fingers at all of your friends is an immensely fun time too. It has a wonderful theme, and even though it is a little bit into the sci-fi side, I can get all sorts of friends to play it. However, there are times that I explain it without all the back story and it seems to register easier with non gamers. Any way you slice it, it is a really fun game and is always a hit around here when it gets pulled out to play.

images (1)

  1. Cards Against Humanity

Come on, you had to see this coming. CAH made my Top 5 Games I Own list. Why wouldn’t it top this list as well? For me, this is the best and easiest game for a laugh. The Game of Things is good for when you’re feeling creative and making your own answers, but this game is one that does the thinking for you. And if you’re at a party, how much thinking do you really want to do? You are more focused on the laughs with your friends in most cases (for me anyway) and don’t care to be creative. But this is really a party game that is incredibly fun and I don’t quite understand why it is looked down on.


And there you have it. My favourite party games of the moment. I am having some fun with these lists, and the compact size of them eases the pain of putting them up. If they were 10 long, I’m not sure I would be able to do one of these micro posts through the week. So even though it’s short, I hope you enjoy it, and always remember, I love you all!

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