First Impressions: Smoke and Mirrors

Good evening all! Hope you’ve had a good couple of weeks, and I realize I spoiled you a little bit last week with a few consecutive posts all within in a week, but from here on out I should be back on track with one post on a Monday night/ Tuesday morning.

So, back to business. This week, I’ve had a chance to play a review copy of Smoke and Mirrors by Chip Beauvais.

With that, I bring you my first impressions of Smoke and Mirrors.

How it’s played

Once again, having done interviews with the creators and developers of games, I’ve been able to give you their own personal rundowns of how to play their game. This is no exception. This is the “How to Play” from Chip Beauvais himself.

” Players take turns placing cards face down and claiming that their cards add up to the next number in sequence. That is, the first player puts down a single card from his or her hand and claims that it’s a 1. The next player puts down one (or two) cards and claims that they add up to 2, etc. At the start of the turn, a player can accuse the previous player of lying. Whoever is wrong is eliminated from the round. This continues until only one player remains. (There are more details, but this is the core.)”

The Pretty Little Bow

This game was a little tougher for me to get an accurate picture of the final product, as I was sent a reviewers copy, which was essentially a Print and Play copy, that Chip had very kindly did all the printing, cutting, and sleeving for me. This was a definite bonus, as I could just throw some old M:tG lands in behind the printed pages for some substance and I was ready to play. Ignoring the fact that it was sleeved paper that was sent to me, the art itself was gorgeous. It reminded me of a classic set of playing card royalty. (Kings, Queens, Jack etc.) The style of art, reminds me of something that is meant to have a very classy and “magiciany” theme. It ties in perfectly with what they were going for, as the name of the game is Smoke and Mirrors. I won’t touch on quality of cards and such as I have no frame of reference. But the art on them will be great.

The Way You Play

This game plays much like the card game cheat. The biggest difference is the cards that you draw from. There are 3 decks made of 6 cards that you decide to play in any order you want. It cuts down on the number of cards compared to cheat and I think it does it in a wonderful way. It keeps the number of cards in your hand down and you keep your hand for the entire round. It is a nice small game that is very tricky to master (for me so far anyway)

What’s Not to Love?

This is a great mini game from what I’ve seen of it. I have played a two player game, and a four player game so far, and intend on trying out three and five players as well. So far, I only have one issue with the game that I haven’t enjoyed, and that is the fact that the two player is a tough way to play. I found it much more enjoyable with four players, as it was tougher to tell who was bluffing and made for a more intense game. I found with only two players, once you got onto the second or third turn, it was too easy to call bluffs. Otherwise, it is a very good game.

What’d Ya Think?

I found this to be a great little game. Other than the two player issue that I had, I found this to be very fun. I really don’t know what else to say about this other than it was fun to play with a few people, and I found it to be unique enough to warrant purcahsing this over a deck of cards and playing cheat. I really like the fact that you have such a small selection of cards and your hand size is kept to 3. Overall, a good game!

That’s about all I’ve got for you for today! I wish I could give you a small hint on what I’ve got up my sleeve for next week, but to be honest I haven’t got the slightest clue what to write about at this moment. Hope you’ll join me anyway! Love you all.

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