I am on a roll. This interview is about Filthy Mime!

Hey there again! I’ve ended up having some spare time to write up some interviews this weekend, so I am pumping them out because the ones that I have put together the last couple of days are with creators who currently have Kickstarter Campaigns live, or are close to being live. I have time to do some write ups, so here I am. Doing write ups. It’s kind of funny, earlier in the weekend, I did an interview with a dirty party game for the first time. Once again, I have an opportunity to do an interview about a dirty party game. Questions will be notably similar, as they worked so well for both interviews. I will be the first to admit that it made it easy to copy and paste the questions. However, I find it extremely interesting posting both interviews back to back to show how there are different approaches to putting together games that fit in essentially the same category. So, here it is. Lets chat with Danny from Filthy Mime!

[EDIT: This was written and ready to go on Sunday, but was postponed on the request of Danny for timing purposes. I mean, what’s a day or two right? Love you all]profile mime 

Hey there, what can you tell us about yourself?

I’m an average guy who loves laughing with his friends. We have a great team with product development, marketing, and ecommerce experience.
Where did you come up with the concept for this game?
Like a lot of college kids, we spent many long nights and many brain cells playing drinking games. One night, wanting to play something different, we decided to make our own game of charades. We passed around paper and each wrote out some cards. Turns out, we’re all a bunch of degenerates because each card was unbelievably filthy. Watching each other attempt to act out these ridiculous cards was hilarious and it immediately became our favorite game. We did some research because we couldn’t believe that this didn’t exist and, while we found many attempts at creating”adult” charades, we found that none had the same type of humor or the sheer filth we were aiming for.
I have seen quite a few raunchier games come out lately, this being one of them. Do you think that the success of select other games on Kickstarter opened a door for these mature themed games?
I think there has always existed a demand for more adult games – games that combine all the social and entertainment benefits of gaming that we enjoyed as children but with subject matter or humor for adults. The raunchiness adds this nice level of catharsis because these types of games give adults justification to address societal taboos. The problem was, how could you prove that demand and convince a game publisher who to this day sells mostly to children to develop your raunchy game for adults? Now, with the barrier to entry so low, you’re seeing designers forego traditional publishing and put out bold games that are finally tapping this market and being very successful. Without Kickstarter, most of these great games would’ve probably never been made.
Was kickstarter success in mature themed games an inspiration for you making this game, or did you notice more mature themed games on the market and think that it was a good time to create this and get it out there? Or was there something else that inspired getting your game out?
Definitely. We had never even heard of Kickstarter and were pretty content on playing our evil little game, with dirty words and phrases still hand written in pencil on torn sheets of paper, every weekend. Then, we heard about Cards Against Humanity and watched what they were able to do with crowdfunding. That was really the first time we thought “wait, this could actually be something” and began working on developing it as a professional product.
 unnamed (3)
Do you have plans for more games or expansions?
Yes, definitely. There is no limit to the deviancy of the human imagination so we have an infinite well to draw from. We have plans for both expansion packs and other games that build upon this great concept.
If you are planning other games, will they be for a mature audience as well?
As of right now, yes. We want to stick to our core competency which is our sick sense of humor.
Regarding Filthy Mime, what has been the biggest hurdles in the development so far?
The biggest hurdle is the volume of things to do. We have so many great ideas that we’re trying to execute and we definitely don’t compromise on our standards so just getting everything done is a daily challenge.
At what point in development did you really take a look at the game and know that you could make this a reality?
We printed our first prototype in summer of 2014 and began play testing. About 97% of the cards were incomplete, missing definitions or some other feature but it was a hit. Every group loved it. That was the first time we thought this could actually work. We were like “wow, this is such a crappy version of what we’re making and people love it.”
 unnamed (2)
What can you tell me about the upcoming kickstarter you have planned?
We are extremely excited and anxious to finally launch this bad boy on Kickstarter. We have some great rewards planned including a special expansion pack and some stretch goals that, with backers’ help, would unlock an awesome new feature for the game.
What is your favourite card in the game?
This was a really tough question. Going through the deck, I think my favorite lately is “Wank Séance.” From the card: “The creepy feeling you get when masturbating that all your dead relatives are looking down on you disapprovingly.”
In our preliminary questions, you said that “A bunch of delinquents” developed this game. Was it sort of a hint that it was a bunch of friends hanging out and developing together rather than just having one person developing?
Yes, exactly. The best part of creating this game is working with your friends and we cannot wait to share it with the world.
Where can someone go to help back this project?
  We’ll be launching on Kickstarter in a few weeks. In the meantime, they can head to www.filthymime.com and sign up to be the first to hear when the product becomes available.
Well, I wish you all the best in your upcoming Kickstarter campaign! 

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