Who did an interview? This guy. That’s who. (Maybe don’t read this out loud to the youngsters)

Here we are another day, and another fun interview! This week I will be doing an interview about a dirty party game. This is a pair of firsts for me, as I’ve never done any reviewing, nor interviews relating to dirty or party games. Realistically, that’s probably more than a pair of firsts. But I said it, so I’m sticking with it. Anyway, let’s go on with it. This week, I will be interviewing Olin Porter who was a contributing factor (co-creator) of the game Dirty Diction.


Hey there, thanks for joining me! First off, tell us a little bit about yourself.
 Yeah, my name is Olin, my partners name is Ollie… I like to spend time on sailboats and pretend I’m a pirate and Ollie likes to eat tacos, legend of Zelda and can find humor in almost anything, even poop. We like to drink beer and laugh, but be productive while we do that, so we made a game we could play with our friends.
Where did you come up with the concept for this game? 
This is a bit of a three part answer. My eyes got opened to how often we use Phrase, slang and figures of speech in our normal conversations while traveling around the world, and that blank stare you get from someone after saying something like, “I just blew up that bathroom” or “fuck me running” who only knows literal English. Then they ask why do say that or where does that come from, which leads me to the second part. I’ve always loved finding out the history or origins of the phrases we use, if someone asks “where does that come from?” and I don’t know, I look it up. And we wanted too incorporate that into the game. And of course, an immature sense of humor!
I have seen quite a few raunchier games come out lately, this being one of them. Do you think that the success of select other games on Kickstarter opened a door for these mature themed games?
Kickstarter definitely provides a great platform for someone to put a game out into the world and the success and people’s interest in games like Cards Against Humanity have definitely spawned a lot of copy cat-ish games. But we wanted to make a game that was more involved and actually puts some of your skills to the test and had some strategy to it, all while making people laugh… That was our biggest goal, to make people laugh.
As long as players are having fun! Was kickstarter success in mature themed games an inspiration for you making this game, or did you notice more mature themed games on the market and think that it was a good time to create this and get it out there? Or was there something else that inspired getting your game out?
Honestly, it just started as, “lets make the game that we wanted to play”. The thought of Kickstarter and putting it out into the world came later after playing it with friends and realizing how much fun it was.
That’s the true reason games should be getting made, isn’t it. Do you have plans for more games or expansions?
When we first started we compiled a list of over 2,000 phrases, idioms and slang terms that we wanted to use. We picked 500 to use in the Dirty Diction. So there is definitely a stock pile to pick from for expansion packs, which would love to do. Writing the “Odds & Ends” for each card was one of the funnest parts of this project and we have some ideas for new Challenge Cards to include as well. We have a couple of other ideas for different kinds of games, but for now, we’re just focusing on getting Dirty Diction out.
If you are planning other games, will they be for a mature audience as well?
We are adults, and like to cuss… But originally, we were planning on doing an all ages version. We thought it would be a fun way teach people about the origins and etymologies of the phrases we use while having a good laugh with friends and family. And we do plan on making a version of the game for that audience. It will still be fun and we will still talk about poop, but we will call it poop and not shit. Rule one: Make People Laugh! But in the end we decided to do the adult version. We thought it would be more fun to work on, and again, we wanted to make a game that we wanted to play with our friends.

Do you think that with a successful Kickstarter with an adult themed game, you could feasibly make a family friendly version easily, or do you think censoring yourself may be harder if you were to give that a go?

I think that someone who really liked playing our game as it is, they would be interested in a version that they could play with their kids or friends and family members who they’d rather not act out “hand job” in front of. Obviously, Dirty Diction isn’t for everyone, but an all ages version could be. It’s really fun to play and different than any one other game. Making a family friendly version wouldn’t be hard to do… just take out the cards like “Fuck Buddy” and replace it with “Besties”… We have a lot of cards that aren’t offensive on their own…  A phrase like Let’s Blow This Popsicle Stand isn’t dirty by itself but the write up we do is… Each card has the phrase, it’s definition and the Odds & Ends

Blow this Popsicle Stand

-Meaning, let’s get out of here.

Odds &Ends -An eleven-year-old boy from San Francisco invented Popsicles in 1905. But that was the same year Einstein came up with the theory of relativity. One source quoted him saying, “Fuck popsicles! E=mc2 bitch!”

We like to mix up some old school phrases with new school, some dirty, some not so dirty… that way you never know what kind of card you’re going to draw. Cleaning the game up for an all ages wouldn’t be harder, just different.

Regarding Dirty Diction, what has been the biggest hurdles in the development so far?
The Kickstarter Campaign. We are both proud people. Who don’t ask anyone for anything. Beat our own Paths and help others along the way whenever we can. Having to ask for help from people has been the hardest part. And I’m not a huge fan of social media… it’s a cool way to keep in touch with friends and family who live around the globe and see what they are up to, but having to use it for business and promotion is new to me and I’m trying to get use to it. I look forward to the Kickstarter being done so i don’t have to crossover my personal and business social media as much. We just remind ourselves that we aren’t asking for handouts… We want to send you a copy of our game!
At what point in development did you really take a look at the game and know that you could make this a reality?
During our first test play. Watching everyone laugh and the conversations that got sparked, the shit that comes out of peoples mouth’s while playing… it was awesome. Ive been in a couple of bands, and that was never about getting rich or famous, it was about having fun and doing something you love while making an audience go nuts and have a great time. I get that same feeling watching people play Dirty Diction.
What can you tell me about the upcoming kickstarter you’re currently running?
We are in full swing. 10 days left and about $3,400 to go… Just got another backer while typing this… Yay!
Where can people go to help reach your Kickstarter goals?
What is your favourite card in the game?
My Favorite Challenge card with the art on it is “Picture Perfect” which is a drawing challenge. Just the astronaut in space, taking a selfie, with the space ship flying by while flipping off the camera makes me laugh. When I first saw it i said I’m getting that tattooed on me”. I haven’t yet. My favourite card from the Dirty Diction deck is probably “Clambake” It makes people laugh every time they read it. A Clambake is the female equivalent of a sausage fest. Which occurs when vaginas outnumber penises in a given area. The formula for which is pussy squared times the area minus dicks.
How is it developing a game with a second opinion? Do you find it is a slower process due to conflicting opinions, or quicker due to having multiple ideas when you’re stuck on something?
We have previously worked on several other projects together including a couple of screenplays. All of which involved drinking beer and laughing. We work well together, have the same sense of humor and have been good friends for over 20 years. If one of us is stumped, the other has an answer, if one of is going in a weird direction the other says that sucks, if we are both stumped we drink a beer. There is no Ego involved, we have the same goal… Make it as good as possible!
unnamed (1)
Thanks for joining me and spending some time doing this! I wish you the best of luck on the last leg of the campaign, and hope to chat with you again soon!
Thank you! We are excited about people playing Dirty Diction and look forward to speaking with you again. Cheers!

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