This post is early, and about love of games

So it’s a little before my usual time of the week when I put up my new post. This week is a little different however, as I know I will be a very busy bee and won’t really have another chance to post this week. So without further ado here’s this weeks post.

This week, I won’t be doing a review, or interview, or anything like that. I’ll be talking a more personal approach to my post this week and getting into what got me into board games. It’s actually a pretty short story, but whatever, this is what I’ve got time for today. Board games are fun. That’s it. Have a good week.

Probably not a long enough story eh? Well, let’s dig a little deeper shall we? It all started many moons ago. My uncle is really the core reason that I play games today. When I was about 5-7 years old, he would come home from school with all sorts of neat minis that he had painted. We used them to play some games, but for the most part, we would set up army men and roll dice to combat and we would play that until there was only one team left. A little later on, it turned into games of risk.

We played risk, for years. Years. I thought that was about as fun as games got. As the years went by, I lost touch playing games and was focused on things like school(girls) and studying(parties). I had a bit too much fun going through high school. I used to coast with high grades which at the time justified my going out. Games weren’t the focus while I was in high school. Honestly, high school wasn’t my focus in high school either.

It was about seven years ago that I really started to get back into gaming. It started with one fateful evening that was actually a bar night. Me and one of my buddies were having a couple beverages before we left, and I noticed a really weird deck of cards. I asked him about it and it was then that I sat down and played my first game of Magic: the Gathering. I got whooped. Over and over and over. But I couldn’t stop setting myself up for more failure. It was amazing. I needed this game in my life. So I spent the next few years spending all sorts of extra money on boxes and boxes of new Magic cards. It was amazing.

Then I had a revelation. I was playing the same game over and over. I wasn’t interested in playing competitively so I had one or two decks that I really loved and that lead to the game becoming a little plain. So one night while we were playing Magic (with the same friend as the bar night) He had pulled out the strangest looking game I’d ever seen. All he said, was something along the lines of “This will be the best game you’ve ever played”. At the time, he was completely right. We played Catan and it was unlike anything I had ever played before. It played so much faster than Risk and Monopoly. Even if it didn’t, it was way more entertaining and time flew by and I didn’t notice any dragging along of the game.

After that night, I took an inventory of all the rare and expensive Magic cards I had and went to a game store for the first time. Well, it was a comic book store actually and all they had in stock was Magic cards, and Catan. I traded all my cards in and walked out with that copy of Catan, and about $200 in cash. I played that game countless times before I decided I wanted to expand my collection of games. I wasn’t really sure where to go about learning about board games and what was good and what wasn’t, so I went to the internet. Enter Wil Wheaton and his super awesome show about board games, Tabletop. I got to watch games getting played, and I was exposed to so many new and awesome games. I started buying them one by one and playing them until I had no one left who was interested in playing anymore. Then I would get a new one and start the process over with that game. It’s great.


Enjoy this picture of me cutting a tree.

The only issue was that I was awful at winning. I couldn’t/can’t do it. My strategy was always set in stone and that predetermined way I was going to play, was how it would be. I wasn’t flexible. Once I learned how to be flexible though, winning came along with it. I realized strategies that you could mold on the fly. It was great. Was I the only one who knew about those strategies? No not likely. But whenever I wanted to read about game strategies online, there was no information about it anywhere that I could find. I mulled over the idea of starting a blog for a while after that. I thought, if I’m looking for this, there has to be someone else out there doing the same. So after a long battle with myself I decided to give it a try. No one will read it anyway if it’s bad. Even if it’s amazing no one will read it right away. So I started doing that. It was fun. And as exposure of that little blog has gone well above and beyond what I figured it would, I have veered from those strategy posts. One day, if I can manage to get ahead in posts, I would like to start doing them again, but for now I am having way too much fun playing amazing games that designers ask me to review.

I know this is likely a repeated story, but I am still so humbled by the exposure I’ve gotten, and how much the community opens their arms to everyone. As much as there are some less positive things going around right now, I have found that pointing out these things are doing good for the community. People may be a bit mad and upset right now, but in the long run, it’s going to make the board game community even more welcoming in the future. I think that at the end of the day, as long as everyone realizes that these are games, we’ll all get along. These games are about bringing people together, not separating them. Games are created for many reasons by the creators. Is it a challenge to fit a game in a tiny box? Are there mechanics in two games that you think would mesh well as one game? These are definitely reasons to make a game. But there is always one question that is asked. Was it fun? That is the end goal of every game. Make sure you have fun. That’s why I’ve continued this blog. Not because I feel I need to do reviews, or conduct interviews, or anything along those lines. I have fun doing this. I hope that if you are in the board game community in any way shape or form, you are remembering that this is all to have fun too as well, and you have fun.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, this week will be fairly hectic for me, so I wish you all a wonderful week and hopefully I’ll have some time to do some more socializing during the week. If not, I’ll talk to you next week! Love you all.

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