Here’s a post. It’s posty.

I’m putting this post up today for a couple of small reasons. First of all, I’ve got some spare time since my son went to bed at a reasonable hour. But also because, I have decided that the whole “tabletop background” look wasn’t cutting it. I tried a couple adjustments, but overall, it was something that just wasn’t clicking. I really love the idea of having wood incorporated into my site for a couple reasons. First of all, it looks like a sweet harvest table, and I love me a big ol’ harvest table to play games on. And secondly, wood is a part of my everyday job. Not blogging. The job that actually makes me money. You know, so I can go buy more games and have something to talk about while I’m blogging. Well, not really, but it’s my paying job. Anyway, I’m rambling. I’m also an Arborist. I get to climb trees for a living. It’s sweet. It also means that I’m around wood almost all the time, whether it be at work or at play. Even as a goaltender playing hockey I use a wood stick. Wood is everywhere in my life. I have a tattoo of a tree. Sorry, rambling again. Back to the point. I’ll be looking to getting a wood grain back into my site soon. Once I figure out how I can make it work nicely, I’ll have it back up. In the meantime, I have given the site a more manicured look using the power of simplicity.

I’m going to be fairly transparent with you about most of my plans for this blog and the whole name brand thing I’ve got going on as a whole. First, I did NOT expect to be where I’m at in such a short period of time. I have told this story before, but it’s my blog and I want to tell it again, with slightly different words. I fully expected to live under the radar in the community of board games for at least the next 18-24 months. I would start off writing basically about the games I own and just give opinions on them. Not even really opinions, more along the lines of how to use and be more effective with strategies. You can reference my Small World: Elves post if you’d like to see where I was going with the site. Maybe I’ll get back there when things settle in a bit. Who knows.

But before I really got into getting a solid road strategy in Catan up, something fairly unthinkable happened to me. I was approached to play a game and provide a review. This was not something I expected in such a short period of time. It was actually this request that had given me the idea of interviews. The person that came to me said basically, I’d love to get you to review my game, and if you’d like I can do an interview. It was something I jumped all over. I sent questions within two days for him to answer, and played the game that was sent to me within hours. It was the most exciting thing to happen to me. Hardly even a month in, and I’ve got a game to review, an interview to conduct, and a natural love and passion to be doing anything within the community. After writing up my first “First Impressions” review, I hadn’t heard back about the interview. I was disappointed. Was it the questions, was my excitement coming on too strong and scaring them away? Nope. They unfortunately didn’t get funding from Kickstarter and apparently fell off the map. It was an interesting game that I loved in my first plays, but sometimes things just don’t go they way that’s planned. I was out an interview. I was a bit down on that, but after a few days, realized “if one person wants to ask me about an interview, I wonder who would be interested in one if I asked them?” So off I went through the twitter-verse looking for more people to interview. After I got the first couple out, I actually had people approaching me about reviews. Okay, one, but still. I was approached, that’s a good day as a small time reviewer! Every time that I find a new game that needs reviewers I offer services, and will continue to do so, until I get to a point that requests are coming faster than I can keep up. Maybe immediate reviews are something I should have expected when I realized I could ask to review, and it will be a year or more before people are really looking at me and requesting a review from me. Either way, it’s been such a pleasure sharing my experiences playing new games, that as long as I have something to write about, and I have people interested in what I have to say, I don’t care how I get reviews/interviews. I just want to share my experience with you.

How does that tie into the new plans? It probably doesn’t. I just wanted to say it. That ramble went on a bit, sorry. (sorry for apologizing, Canadians eh?) Anyway, back to the plans. I am keeping things on the blog simple and straight forward. Easy to read, easy to navigate (I hope) and nothing all over to distract. Maybe this is a bad thing for my writing. Now you’ll be paying attention to words instead of the wood grain in the background. Oh no! Guess I’ll have to up my writing a little faster than anticipated. Anyway, While the simple layout is being used, I will be hopefully designing something of an actual website I hope, so I can be the proud owner of my own real website. This is a long way away. Before I get to that point there are baby steps to take.

First, I’ll be getting a new logo designed somehow. This will likely include a colour scheme change as well. Maybe not, who knows. But it will be updated and it won’t be a cut and paste jobbie off of a free font website. I hope. No, it won’t be for sure. If I have to draw something by hand and take a picture, I will.

Next will come a design for a website. That will be a while. I want it to be just right. I thought I would have time to iron this out before people actually looked at my blog, but I was wrong. So now all of you get to see the progression right from the get go. You’re so lucky!

There are other things planned one day, but that is mostly just in talks right now, so I won’t bring that up. But if it pans out, it’ll be really fun! Also, what would you think of shirts with a fun logo and quote on it? Seriously, tweet me and let me know if you’d be interested in something. It will definitely be a board game shirt, and I won’t make it a billboard of myself. I would rather get something fun that can be a “generic” game shirt with my small logo on the top of the back sort of thing. Let me know for real. If you didn’t get a link through Twitter, my handle is @BoredGamesCo . You can also friend me on Facebook (Page West) and Instagram (BoredGamesCo) . I guess those are also new if you didn’t find me yet. I have a Facebook account and Instagram. So things are building up for me, and I think that for now, this simple design keeps things a bit cleaner when you’re looking up Bored? Games! and keeping up with my posts.

The last thing I’m working on is a system to have games to review sent to me without having a pre-determined bias of the game. I don’t want to look at anything and pick and choose what I want to review and what I don’t. That’s not the point. I am a certain type of gamer, and I should look at as many games as I can to give an opinion on them, so like minded gamers know which games to give a shot, and which ones to steer clear from. I don’t want to see a game and think “I don’t like it, I won’t review it”. I would rather play, not enjoy it, and give a review that will connect with the type of gamer it is aimed to. Just because I don’t like a game, doesn’t mean I can’t try to steer people who will enjoy it to it. In theory, it should work, but this is also something for down the road, when people actually request my opinion on their games.

I know this is sort of a useless post tonight, but I wanted to write it and catch everybody up. Have a good week, and get ready for a new First Impressions review! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the interview I did with Chip Beauvais! Love you all and talk to you again soon!

Also, enjoy this picture:


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