First Impressions: Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse by David Miller

Hey everyone, I’m here for a new week and I’m here with a game that you can take pretty well anywhere with you. The small size of the game is even highlighted by the name of the game. Mint Tin” Mini Apocalypse. Mint. Tin. This game literally fits in a mint tin. Actually, the tin the game comes in probably fits in a mint tin. It’s a very great game to take out with you. Anyway, let’s get to a review shall we? (Please note that this is a reviewer’s copy, and the final copy may receive some minor changes.)deadlock

So, how do you play? lets go to David Miller and get his description of the game shall we?

You and 4 friends are out enjoying the day then BOOM! Everyone goes down except for you. And a huge nefarious monster! Where did that come from? It hasn’t spotted you yet and you need to get your friends up and into the high school’s long forgotten fallout shelter. Oh no, someone else has the same idea with their friends. The shelter only holds 7 so you gotta act fast! Luck and fast decisions will determine who survives and that still might not be enough once the monster spots you. Start the game with 4 of your 5 meeples laying down. Then start rolling dice like mad! All your actions happen on 7s. Actions are as follows:

Knock down a standing opponent
Help one of yours to their feet
Help yours get into the shelter
Toss an opponent out of the shelter
Send a pair of yours out to get supplies
Close the shelter with 4 of yours inside and win

But . . . the monster uses artificial intelligence based on your rolls!
And when all seems lost for humanity, one of you might have to sacrifice a friend to win the game!

Two endgames – one of you wins OR both of you lose!

Three modes of play plus a way to dial difficulty up!

And that’s a quick run down of the game straight from David Miller. So let’s take a look at the game.

The Pretty Little Bow.
This game comes in a very lovely tin. It fits the game just right, and doesn’t leave any empty space, for anything else. With the exception of my fat fingers trying to place the components in the tin, it is a wonderful packaging for the game. It is kept small enough to put in your pocket, or purse or nose to store it while you are out. I don’t know where you store your games, and who am I to judge? There is also a mat that comes with the game to give you a bit more of a feel of running the streets and it is wonderfully put together visually and is still sitting in my kitchen for quick impromptu games. Overall, the look of the game is very good, and very minimalist. There are no extra parts, and even the case the game comes in is put to good use as the shelter you are racing to.
The way you play
When I played this game, I didn’t really know how I would feel about it. I had seen it played previously and thought it was a great quick game. I assumed I would enjoy it and wanted my hands on it. I was fortunate enough to be able to grab a copy. When I got my copy, I almost had buyers remorse. Was I sure I would enjoy it? No. You can never be sure in reality. You can never know until you play. This is one that I definitely had a good time playing. The feeling of that constant hope for your number to come up is invigorating. I have never played craps, but I imagine rolling for your number is likely the reason people spend so much money. Well, that, and gambling. But I need to stop rambling. The constant hope is only part of what you feel with this game. The excitement of your 7 coming up is awesome. There is not a better feeling in that moment of your life, than rolling that 7. The other big emotion you feel is a mixture of disappointment and rage. You work so hard to get your team up and in the shelter, and here comes over and knocks your hard rolling work down a peg or two. How rude. There is also the fear of the monster coming to destroy you. Oh no. With all this going in such a short period of time, it can really be an emotional roller coaster. To get this across in such a small game is really a large feat. Wonderful game to get your sweat on about surviving an upcoming apocalypse.
What’s not to love?
To me, there were only a couple of small issues. That is actually a fitting way to describe the issues. Small. On two separate fronts. The first thing that I noticed that when packing up the game after playing, there is a very specific way everything needs to be placed in. If something is out of place, you won’t likely be able to close the tin. With my extra large sausage fingers, I personally tend to need a few tries to get everything away correctly. The other issue, is currently an even smaller issue currently. When I am playing, so far I have only played at my kitchen table. If there comes a time I go out with the game (there will be), I don’t expect the mat will make the trip with me. Right now because of the game, it isn’t a big problem if you don’t have the mat. There is only one location. However, if there are ever new rules to incorporate different buildings on the map, I don’t know that they would be used very often. The mat i just a bit too big to roll up and take with you. Especially when compared to the tin that the game comes in. I just feel those new rules will be put to the wayside 9 times out of 10 in favor of a small, easy to transport basic version. This however has only been something rumored to be possibly happening and may never possibly come to reality. If it does however, I worry for a solid game and new rules being left out of play.
What’d ya think?
I am very excited to be playing this on a day to day basis for the most part. I sometimes have a hard time getting new games to the game, just out of discomfort for some reason at most of my game nights. This however was embraced with open arms. I may have big fingers, but because of how exciting the game is, I don’t mind spending a little extra time trying to get pieces back into the tin. With how pretty the game is, even with minimal components, I love just looking at the game. Maybe it sounds odd, but I’m an odd guy. I love the shelter, and the detail in the stamping on the top of the tin. It’s such a great little game that plays as well as some big games. If you like these quick, race style games, I think this could be the game for you. There is so much to think about on the fly, and to pay attention to, you really notice that this game is deeper than the 1/2″ or so that the tin is. If you enjoy having a long time to think about and weigh options about decisions you make in your games, than chances are when you play this, you will be quickly falling behind and once your a couple turns behind the eight-ball, I find it hard to dig yourself out. Overall, this is a great game to play and I think everyone should have a copy, or at least a chance to play and fall in love with this game.
Don’t forget to stop in next week as well, as I will be having a great chat about this game with the creator, David Miller!

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