Coming in Hot! It’s Fire Ants! by Adam White

Update: I had a terrible moment and left out any links to the Kickstarter page. Here it is. sorry about tha to ! Now you can go back a fun project!
 Welcometo a new week! I am about the luckiest guy to be where I am at in such a short period of time. The gaming industry that I’ve seen so far has been nothing but supportive to everyone around them. Including the small time bloggers such as myself. I’m working hard with limited resources to make a decent blog that people come to and I have been more successful I could have imagined. I have had the opportunity to do a number of interviews with game developers, and it is coming to the point that it’s something that I ask about doing whenever I get the chance. And with that, here’s the next interview that I’ve been able to conduct.

There comes a time to panic. Fire is one of those times. What do you do when you come across a fire? Call in the troops. What is something that comes in huge numbers? Ants. Yep. Fire Ants actually. Do you get it? Good, cause that’s what designer Adam White was going for. It’s all about a fun play on words. So what is Fire Ants all about? I’ll let Adam field that one and tell you what Fire Ants! is all about:


Fire Ants! is pretty simple and easy to pick up. Each player gets 3 cards to start the game with the youngest player going first and continuing clockwise. There is a “starter” fire that’s put into the middle of the table before cards are distributed. What players will find in the community deck are 4 resources: Water, Plastic, Metal, and Ant Magic! (with Ant Magic being a wild card that can be played as any one of the 3 other resources.) There are also different level fire cards in the deck that can be drawn. Level 1-5, each level is harder and harder to extinguish. For instance, a level 1 fire card is 1 water, 1 plastic, and 1 metal. The catch is: if 7 fire cards show up at the same time on the table, each player gets ONE MORE TURN without drawing from the deck to put a fire out. If no one does, everyone loses the game. Levels of fires are the “points” counted at the end of the game. For instance… if you have 3 level 1 fire cards, you get 3 points!

Well, that’s about it thanks for coming.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Lets get into some of the hard-hitting breaking news questions shall we?

Let’s start with a little bit about yourself shall we? Is your career job based completely around the gaming industry or is this strictly a hobby at this point? Or somewhere in between?

My career is actually in the dairy industry! Right now, making games is a hobby that I’m hoping turns into a career!

Hopefully you can use Fire Ants! as a good starting point. I hear you’ve got some plans for this weekend. I hear you’re attending your first Gencon this year! That must exciting for you! What are your plans during Gencon?

I seriously cannot wait for my first GenCon! My plan is to be in the First Exposure Playtest Hall during the hours of 10am-noon on Friday and Saturday. Then I will be there 8pm-10pm Friday and 10pm-midnight on Saturday!

That’s so exciting! Do you plan on having some hard copies for sale while you’re there?

I am told I cannot sell any copies at GenCon, but I’ve heard otherwise. I think I’m going to bring a couple of copies to give out to people for free though!

That’s so nice! There will certainly be some happy people coming out of GenCon with some ants! Anyway, let’s get onto the game. I thought I’d start off fairly simple. How did you come up with the idea for Fire Ants!?

The idea actually started out when I was trying to convert another game from a board game to a card game. That game is called Confero, and has been shelved for now, but I do plan on releasing it at some point in the future. The art work on it is just killer.

Well, with the look of this game, hopefully you can get it off of your shelf soon! Anyway, back to Fire Ants!. What do you find in your experiences so far to be the most stressful aspect of what you’re doing in the gaming industry?

The stressful part is getting my brand and game out there for the public to actually take a chance on. I mean there are so many big time game developers and publishers out there right now, I’m just the little guy trying to make one of his dreams come true. You see these publishers getting tens of thousands of dollars on their Kickstarter campaigns in their first few hours, and I’m just over here super happy that I got like $100.

Some people look down on $100. I am not jealous of anyone who puts up a Kickstarter campaign. I’d be going crazy hitting that refresh button. Anyway, more on the Kickstarter in a bit. At what point in development did you know that you could really get behind this project to make it a reality?

I think when I first had a (rough) playable copy of the game and sat down to playtest it with my 2 buddies. We had a great time playing it, they liked the art, they liked the idea behind it, they liked the simplicity of it, and they liked the family aspect of it.

rTLSdo1T (1)

So, let’s move onto shining some light on your company, Adamation Gaming. Where did you come up with that name first and foremost? Possibly Adam + Animation? 

Yes! That’s exactly what I was going for! I actually thought of the name ‘Adamation’ when I tried starting up a T-shirt line back in the late 2000’s. That never really came to be, but there were lots of fun ideas with playing on my name, so it kind of stuck.

Well, if it ain’t broke right? It is a very good name and I expect it will be around for a while from what I’m hearing. So, let’s get into that next. When the whirlwind of Fire Ants! dies down, whether it be this year, next year, or whenever you get a moment to breathe, What is next for Adamation Gaming?

I have tons and tons of ideas waiting in the wings. I’ve announced 3 so far, those being: Mad Scientists! Which is my next release. After that I’m dipping back into the Fire Ants! realm with a release of Fire Ants Co-op! Where players work together to put fires out. And as I mentioned before, Confero will be released at a further date.

So there will be an expansion set for Fire Ants!?

Absolutely! I mentioned before that Fire Ants! will have an expansion/other title after my next release. The name will be Fire Ants Co-op! and instead of playing against eachother for points, players will have to battle the deck and extinguish fires before they all lose!

Fire ants is such a wonderful play on words. Was this the main intention, or was there some less obvious reasoning for the theme of ant firefighters?

Well it’s just the play on words really. The first name of the game was going to be Firemen Ants! but I thought rather than go with any kind of stereotype or gender, why not just make them Fire Ants…that put fires out and put little fire suits/gear on them.


How did the illustrator get ants into those little outfits AND get them to pose? Haha, just kidding, it’s such a wonderful theme and has a very creative play on words. It’s a very innocent theme, and has fairly simple rules, making it a good game for children. I assume this was the target audience?

For sure going for the family theme. There are SO many games out there that target the hardcore, comicbook players, that I wanted to release something that wasn’t focused on killing or sex or anything like that.

So, while making a kids game, it’s my assumption that people make games with a child in mind. Whether it be a teacher for students, a parent for their child, an uncle or aunt for their niece or nephew. Have you made this game for someone in particular? 

No one in particular at all, actually! Quite the opposite! When I was creating it, I came up with 21+ (in the US) rules!Every time a fire card is drawn from the deck and set to the middle of the table, every player takes a fireball shot.

Ohh! Now it’s also a game we can take out for the evenings when we’re indulging! Anyway, let’s talk about your current Kickstarter campaign. What can you tell me about the Kickstarter you’re running?

Kickstarter is a weird kind of subject for me. Being an unknown developer/publisher, I don’t have the resources these big guys do. It’s definitely hard for someone like me to succeed in completing a Kickstarter goal. Also, another interesting gamble I went with was no stretch goals. The game doesn’t really have any kinds of aspects to change, and I’ve gone with the highest quality box/cards I could find through a manufacturer, so it’s not your average Kickstarter where I change the whole game for the backers. Whether or not that will pay off or not remains to be seen haha.

$10 is a great deal for a board game! Is this a special price for the KS, or does it really only cost $10?

I’m aiming for about $11-12 retail in the future (which I think is still a great price for a full card game in one box), plus the free shipping anywhere in the world will hopefully attract some international players too!

From what has been seen so far, I’d say you’re on the right track! Now, you mentioned to me in some prelim questions that your main goal for this Kickstarter is exposure. Does this mean that the game has already been released? 

The main goal is exposure, yes. I haven’t officially released the game yet, but it’s going to be in mass production soon!

Where can people go to help support your Kickstarter Campaign? 

or go to Kickstarter and type in “Fire Ants!”

What plans have you got for retail placement once you get mass production, if any?

Hopefully I can get into some retail locations. I’ve been in talks with a decent sized regional retailer, but nothing is 100% complete at this point.

Well, I think that I’ve asked just about every question I can think of for now. Thanks so much for taking some time and doing this with me! 

Thank you so much for having me and I can’t wait for everyone to play the game. It’s definitely a simple game, but has SO many strategies and competitiveness features to it. I look forward to releasing more games in the future and look forward to doing another interview with you in the future!

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