DC Deck Building Game: Heroes Unite

heroes-united-deck-building-gameHey everyone, it’s a new week so here’s a new post. This week I’ll be going to be doing a first impressions look at DC Deck Building Game: Heroes Unite. I feel like this is going to be a fun chat this week. I have some excitement about this game. I have really enjoyed the games I’ve been able to play so far. More on that a little later.

So, DC has a typical Deck Building mechanic, which in itself can get a little bland I find due to a lack of interaction with opponents. This game specifically has a bit of a better interaction than most Deck Building Games (DBG from here on in). There are numerous cards that have abilities that interact with your opponent. These are attack abilities. This can be in the form of discarding cards from your hand, or gaining a weakness among other things. When adding attacks into a card game, there will be defense cards added as well. I feel like I’ve never had one of those in my hands when I really need them. But that is usually just my luck. Another aspect of this game I like compared to others, is that you don’t have to sort out all the cards when you’re done playing. lou take a select few cards out, but it isn’t like some other DBG where every card you purchase needs to be sorted out and piled togethery. This is a nice touch that makes for an easy clean up and can get you into your next game within 2-5 minutes, rather than close to 10. I know this wasn’t really an overview of the game, but instead this week I’ve apparently decided to just tell you about why DC DBG is a better deck builder than others I’ve played.

Anyway, lets get back to earlier when I said “More on that little later”. It’s a little later right? Good. So, games I’ve been able to play so far. The first chance I had to play this game, I was lucky enough to play with my dad. Playing games with my dad is something that I love, and I look forward to playing with my son as he gets older. Playing with my dad is something special because he has always been a very busy guy. He always kept busy keeping our bellies full of food, and our house under construction trying to renovate and keep the house looking pretty. He really didn’t have spare time. However, I got to help him out with that so I have knowledge gained from him which is definitely a positive thing. The downside to that, is when we were doing things that had to be done, we didn’t have time to do things we wanted to do together. But, when we did get to play together, it was always the most rewarding thing ever. Even to this day. I feel like I get to play with a grown up and I can be one of the guys with my dad. Wow, this is a soft post today. Sorry, back to the game. Got to play with my dad for my first play. Very fun and all that jazz. The first thing I noticed about the game was how easy it was to get everything set up. That’s a plus for me. The easier it is to get game started, the happier I am. The next thing I found was how well worded abilities are. There is nothing that really contradicts anything else, or leaves any questioning on what the card does. They are well done. Very well done.

I can’t wait to get some more games under my belt and play some new heroes. I would love to try out focusing on playing all of the heroes. The first couple of games I got to play, I started out a bit behind the eight ball. My heros abilities were chosen by me, and the board game forces went against me, and there was no advantageous cards that buffed with my hero to start the game. This lead to me grabbing garbage cards, and not really experiencing for most of the game, what it was like to have your cards work off of your heroes abilities.

This is a game, that so far, I can’t wait to get it back on the table. I would usually wonder if I like it because I got to play it with my dad, but this game is just as entertaining, and has enough playability that even when he hasn’t been here, I have wanted to finish a game, and immediately start another round. I am very intrigued in playing some of the other versions of the DC DBG. I would love to play a game in which one player has a hero (or two, maybe a team of heroes?) and the other play will play with a villain team. I can’t wait to have an opportunity to play these expanded versions and combine them and play until all hours of the morning.

Before I finish this post, I’d just like to say that this post (and all previous ones) that are “reviews” are completely my own opinion, and I do this out of a passion for board games, and not for any other reason than that. I do this for fun. Just the same way that I play games for fun. I hope you get a quarter of the enjoyment from reading these as I do from writing them.

PS, I’ve decided since I’m always posting Monday nights, I’ll just move my post date and time to Monday night, just before my bed time. Hope you enjoy the change! Talk to you soon!

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