Reign: The Card Game : First Impressions

Please note that this may not be the final version of Reign:The Card Game and changes may be made from the copy being reviewed, and the final product.thelogoreign_960 (1)So, this week is a week that I’ll be getting a little bit out of my element. I was scrolling on Twitter and putting my two cents in on some interesting posts a couple of weeks ago, one of which was from Garage Games (@garagegamesau). Within a couple hours we had a brief conversation via Twitter that looked like this:


(There’s more to it than this, but this gets the point across best)

I gave him my email. I expected to not hear anything back, just assuming that the game developer was looking to seem like a good guy to a small time blogger online. I was wrong. He emailed me. Almost immediately. This was very thrilling for me. To have actually had response about this and Khairul being so polite and enthusiastic about getting a single spot on my blog, I couldn’t have been happier to help out. It will actually be surely leading to more posts in the coming weeks. So that said, learning the game, playing it, and getting an opinion was the next step. I got my hands on a copy of Reign and had quite the time playing it. Which I’ll get into shortly. First, let’s give credit where credit is due.

The game designer for Reign is Khairul Hamdan. In my opinion, he has done a wonderful job putting this game together. The artwork on the game  was done by Starcat Games. They’ve done well put together and themed set of cards. I personally would have put a more into putting a more time appropriate font on the cards, but this isn’t necessarily the final copy that will be going out so who knows how it’ll look like when it comes out of a box. Minor detail. Certainly not enough for me to be deterred from the game. Just noticing. There has already been a kickstarter launched. As of the date I’ve written this sentence, They’re 2/3 of the way to being funded. To me, well worth funding. Fun game I’d like to enjoy over and over. They are hoping to get copies to their backers by December.

Now, on to the meat and potatoes of today’s post. For this, I’ll be going into what got me into playing this game. Well, I was asked to do it. Let’s get that out of the way. Yes I was asked, but that wasn’t enough reason to say yes. For me there is a thrill of playing a new game. Having the opportunity to play a new game was an instant intrigue. Finally, once I ran through the outline of the rules, it made me want to give it a go to see how it would play out in reality. The art helped. Having the dark ominous characters and backgrounds made it look like the betraying and deceitful game it is. Sweet. Gotta try it. So I did. Maybe not the most typical boiling point on making a decision about trying out a new game, but in reality, I don’t care. It looked cool. I wasn’t going to say I wasn’t going to play.

The way that it ended up playing out was very entertaining. It turned out to be a much more social game than I thought. I was expecting more of a quiet atmosphere and very involved dealings. I almost got my poker shades out as to not give away my eye movement. The card abilities within the game are very well rounded and play quite fairly from what I’ve noticed. There wasn’t anything immediately noticed as being over powered at all. And, even if there were strong combinations, we only had ourselves to blame, since we put our support where we felt it would be best used. As I’ve only been involved with one game, it’s tough to judge what the most effective strategy was. However, my strategy in this game was forming an alliance out loud with my best friend, and about 25% of the time, I was the betraying him. That’s only my strategy tried so far, therefore, all I know is that. This game has instantly been put into the frequent play pile of games, and my friends don’t want to give up strategies. So I’ve only been able to try one so far. I’ll get more ideas on strategy much sooner than I’m willing to admit I’m sure. I’ll figure it out though. And when I do you’ll hear about it. That’s a promise.

Overall, this is a very well put together game. The game I have played may change from when it is released hopefully just around Christmas this year, but I don’t really see too much work to be done personally. If I have to knock it in one area, it would be that there are points where the rules came off to me as slightly vague. I would take that with a grain of salt coming from me however, because I always feel how other people play isn’t what I read, and then they show me the rule that proves to me I’ve been playing wrong. (Also, I made sure I was playing the game correctly with some emails to Khairul, so I know for a fact it was played properly.)That said, this would definitely be a good game to play with some friends over the course of an evening, and having some good laughs about how you all beat up on one unfortunate friend, or how a silly show of support not realizing how close the supportee was to winning the Onyx Crown. I would recommend this game to groups who enjoy deception, betrayal, backstabbing and general lying in games. If you want to lead your friends on and let them down so incredibly bad, this game is the perfect to do it.

I haven’t gotten too into the typical strategy part of this game that I enjoy writing, and I realize that. There will be a new post or two on this game within the next few weeks to go more in depth with that area. I would just like more experience with it and realize what works for me and what doesn’t within this game. Helping my buddy doesn’t help me win. That’s all I know so far. Along with at least one post about what works in my experience for this game, I will also be posting an EXCLUSIVE* interview with the developer of Reign: The Card Game, Khairul Hamdan.

*May not be exclusive, but it IS an interview.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief preview of Reign: The Card Game as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together, and I hope you’re looking forward to a developer interview as well as a more in depth look, in the coming weeks! We’ll talk to you next Tuesday!!

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