Blogging Overhaul.

Hey there. This is a quick post about some changes I’ll be implementing in the next few weeks.

The way the posts I put up over viewing games will be more numerous in the number that there are for each game. Likely 3 or more to start, and more will come in time based on the amount that I play specific games. The way these posts will be going will be as follows:

Post One:

This will be a post about a run down of the game I’m getting into. It will be a short one, possibly a link to game rules. I haven’t completely decided yet. It will also explain what drew me to the game. Why I thought I would like it, as well as what I think are some downfalls. Nothing too in depth, but enough to get a sense of whether you’ll see a second post on it in the near future. (Chances are you will see second posts fairly quick, since I love most games)

Post Two:

This post will be focused more towards strategy of how the last couple of rounds have gone in the game I’m writing about. They will look more like the Stone Age post from last week. It will hopefully give you a decent look at a strategy that I’ve used and will be able to incorporate in your game when you play.

Post Three and Beyond:

Posts after the second will be somewhat varied depending on the game being played. They will include more game coverage, as I play games with my buddies more, as well as a bit of a break down on mechanics and characters in the games. These will be more in line with the post of the Smallworld Elves. In the midst of these posts, when I have the opportunity to interview Game Developers and Artists and others involved with certain games, these will be the posts. I am very excited to finally be making big progress on some structure on posts here and I hope it translates into more weekly visitors.

As another note, I have some things lined up in the coming weeks that I am very excited about, which include interviews, and “reviewing” new games. I have reviewing in parenthesis’ because I don’t believe I go too in depth on mechanics and really picking apart game play, but rather giving a general over view and giving an overview on how well the game plays. And if I like it. (I’ll give you a hint: I like it).

If you happen to be reading this and are a developer and are thinking “Hey, this sounds like something I’d like to have my game featured on,” I am easily reachable and am always willing to have new games featured on Bored?Games! blog. If you would like to be in contact with me, my email is:

I hope this run down on the future of this blog gets you as excited for more to come as it has myself. Thanks in advance guys!

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