Quick mid-week post

So, I’m rummaging through games in my basement. It’s always fun looking at games I own. However, looking at them, and thinking about putting together some strategy blogs is proving to be quite hard. How do you write about strategy when so many games are based on so much luck? Whether it be luck of the die, or maybe you have to make a split second decision on the tile or card you just turned over, there is going to be variation on every game you play to some extent. You can come into the game with your mind set on doing one thing, and within two moves you strategy changes. That makes it very tough to write blogs on strategy for games from start to finish. Therefore, I will be going through games in a bit of a different light. When I am playing a game and notice I’m in a bit of a tight spot, I’ll start really documenting what I do to try and get out of the pickle I get myself in. There will be the odd game here and there that I will be able to show you more “whole game strategy” rather than “on the fly” strategy, but with many games that I own (not a huge collection by any means, but I like to think it’s respectable), I am realizing they are on the fly strategy games, and there is so much variation from game to game, that you can’t really keep to one specific strategy.

Finally, I know you have seen these smaller posts of me explaining how I’m going to change things up, and right now it’s probably half of my total posts. I know a lot of these to start can be a bit annoying, but if I can get these adjustments finely tuned early, I will have a better product from week to week in a shorter time period.

Anyway, have a good week and I can’t wait to let you read this weeks full post on Tuesday!

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