Time to slow down

Hey guys,

I threw together a post yesterday that I’m super disappointed in. I feel like it has some elements that are good, but not enough detail in many aspects that has satisfied me. I want to have time to put together a more polished post daily, however, being an arbourist makes it nearly impossible with my 10-12 hour days. 

I’m therefore, going to be posting a little less often to hopefully dramatically increase the quality of each post. I’m going to start at a once per week post, and get comfortable doing that. If I’m still lacking the level of quality that I know I’m capable of, I will have to re-evaluating of a once per week post. However, if I’m overloaded with posts that are waiting to be posted that I’m proud to call my own, I will of course consider putting up a second post per week. 

As of right this moment, I’m going to try and put a post up every Tuesday. If I feel I’m able to not get something until Wednesday, or have it done by Monday, I’ll adapt as necessary. 

Hope you all can understand! I’ll have a post ready for Tuesday. Until then, I’ll have a daily question on Twitter (@boredgamesco) and I’d love to chat during the week in that aspect. Thank again, and we’ll talk soon! 

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