King of Tokyo Hoarding

Well, here I am, being a big kid and keeping up with my blog. I’ve made it two full days. Yay me! I’m a little tight on time today so I’m still writing but I’m not intending to get too in depth in anything specific today. I’ve actually had zero time to do any thinking about what to write about today so I’m basically going to be thinking about one of my easier games and making up some strategy off the top  of my head. I promise these are going to get better and more planned out.

This seems like as good of time as any to mention that I will not be going in depth with rules. I will do a quick run down and a brief summary of game components, however, when you get a game, you generally read the basic rules and have an understanding of how the game works. Anyway, moving on.

I’ve decided in the last forty five seconds to do today’s blog on King of Tokyo. King of Tokyo is a dice rolling game that uses attack, victory points, energy and health points to defeat other monsters to be the ruler of Tokyo. You’re trying to keep your health up and earning victory points, while simultaneously lowering your opponents. For your turn you get three rolls of five, to pick and choose what you do during that turn. Options on each die are between one and three victory points, attacking, gaining energy, and gaining life. To gain the victory points, you must match three of the same numbers. When you get an attack die, you are either attacking the monster in Tokyo, or you are in Tokyo and attacking all other players. With an energy roll, you gain an energy cube. These buy advantage cards to help you beat your opponents quicker. The final die roll is a heart which increases your life. You can have up to ten health, with the exception of a couple of cards that give you the chance to have health of up to twelve. That’s going to be about the extent of the rundown that I give for this game. I will likely not explain these rules again but will refer to this post in future posts about King of Tokyo.

I didn’t really expect this to be so long today. Geeze. The strategy I’d like to talk about in this game tonight is what I am going to call hoarding. Basically, in a four player game, you attempt to lie low with your attacks and entry to Tokyo, and you collect energy to buy as many cards as you can. There are advantages and disadvantages to this strategy. First and foremost, you will likely never have the same combination of cards come up every game you play, so you will have to adapt to the cards that come up from game to game. Secondly, this is not a quick game strategy. So while playing in a two player game, it may not be as an effective thing to do where you don’t necessarily have the time and numerous players to hide your plans by laying low. Finally,the most obvious drawback in my mind is the dice. You can never trust the dice. You can have a great hand of cards sitting in front of you to buy, but if you’re not rolling energy, you’re pretty much sunk.

The advantage is one that however, can be a game changer. If you can sneak under the radar long enough to pile up a few cards, you will have a distinct advantage against your opponents. Cards in enough numbers will likely help you win most games if you play the strategy at the right time. In a good game, you can get 2-3 cards of attack bonuses, as well as damage bonus cards for delivering damage while you don’t even attack. In another card hoarding strategy, you can get bonus victory points for not attacking, and there are middle grounds that can help you with both options. Extra points for not attacking, and extra damage when you decide to attack. What could be worse than that? When choosing what card to purchase, you need to consider your end game goals, and your immediate goals. If your health is 2, would you pick a card that is a toss away but gives you 5 health, or a card that gives you poison counters on your next round of attacks. Keeping yourself alive is quite detrimental to winning in this game.

Anyway, I hope this is good enough to get started. Hope you enjoyed the read today, and I would love you to comment and ask questions, and as I mentioned before, I promise these will get better. The downside is that they may get more spaced out to one or two per week to gain quality. Until then though, we’ll have updates of some sort for the next couple days(weeks?). But once I get a handle on the work involved in properly making these blogs and bringing in media of sorts, they will get better and strategies will be more in depth. I hope you can all hang in there with me while I get better at blogging, and I hope I can make use of comments to help fill some holes that I will undoubtedly leave as I’m (obviously) still learning.

Hope I can keep you all entertained and I can gain some loyal visitors. Thanks for stopping in!


One thought on “King of Tokyo Hoarding”

  1. Good to hear more about this game. I just saw it in my local game store the other day and wanted to pick it up. Thanks for some insight to the game and how it can be played. Sounds like fun to me!


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